T.Bird AVS III Respirator



Used T.Bird AVS III Respirator model 15586B


This advanced ventilatory system is designed to move seamlessly with your patient throughout the entire acute care environment, Emergency Room to Operating Room to Patient Room. This ventilator offers performance, mobility, flexible mounting, and safety.


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Used T.Bird AVS III Respirator model 15586B



- Employs an advanced turbine delivery system in a compact, durable and lightweight package

- Provides uninterrupted mechanical ventilation for your critically ill patient

- No need to change ventilators as you move your patient to perform therapeutic or diagnostic procedures

- Unlike most ICU ventilator systems that depend on an air compressor or a piped air system, this ventilator is self-contained

- Its powerful turbine technology provides excellent gas delivery without a need for a compressed air source

- This turbine, together with an internal and optional external battery, allows the system to be completely independent and mobile

- Internal battery provides emergency power during temporary power outage, or battery power during short duration transport 

- An optional external battery provides additional backup and power for longer transports

- The front panel locking mechanism prevents accidental changes to control settings during movement

- The pressure manometer bar graph displays real time pressure readings as well as high and low pressure alarm settings

- Its color-coded controls and displays are easy to read and set

- Central control knob provides one-button operation

- Upgrades can be completed in just minutes by simply changing a configuration memory card

- Accommodating numerous mounting options as in a stationary or transport stand, tabletop or nightstand the ventilator flexibly adapts to the situation

- It is the first and only ICU ventilator designed to take your patient seamlessly through the critical care environment


Technical Specifications:

- Tidal Volume: 50 to 2000 ml

- Breath Rate: 280 BPM

- Peak Flow: 10-140 LPM

- Peak Flow-Spontaneous: 180 LPM max

- Sensitivity: 1 to 8 LPM

- PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 30 cmH2O

- Pressure Support: Off, 1-60 cmH2O

- Oxygen Percent: 21-100%

- Inspiratory Pause: Off, 0, 1-2 seconds

- Bias Flow: 10-20 LPM

- Sigh: On/Off, I sigh breath every 100 breaths or 7 minutes

- Manual Breath: x1

- Inspiratory Hold: 6 seconds max

- 100% O2: On/Off, 3 minutes max

- Pressure Control: Off, 1-100 cmH2O

- Inspiratory Time: 0.3-10 seconds



- Volume Control: Control, Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control, CPAP, Flow Selection: Square, Decelerating

- Pressure Control: Control, Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control, CPAP

- Volume Assured: Control

- Pressure Support: Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control

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