Fujifilm Amulet S Digital Mammography Unit



Used Fujifilm Amulet S Digital Mammography Unit

Year 2013


- Top quality images from a flat panel featuring 50 µm resolution
- Mammography with greater comfort and improved usability
- Specially designed AWS (Acquisition Workstation)

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Used Fujifilm Amulet S Digital Mammography Unit

Year 2013



- Operation buttons: the buttons are shaped to be easily identified by touch alone.

- Display / color LCD: information is displayed on screens both on the compression arm and at the foot of the unit.

- Single-touch function: a single-touch function allows the AMULET to be positioned automatically to the desired swivel arm angle between exposures for faster examinations and also returns the unit to the upright position once these are completed

- Specially designed AWS (Acquisition Workstation): 

  - Integrated X-ray controller allows setting and confirmation of exposure conditions on a single screen
  - Examination screen can be split and switched between 1, 2, or 4 images
  - Portrait-type monitor enhances both image viewing and operability
  - Density and contrast can be easily adjusted while reviewing images
  - The positions of left / right images can be adjusted both automatically and manually

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