Drager Babylog 8000 Neonatal Ventilator



Used Drager Babylog 8000 Neonatal Ventilator


This ventilator is designed especially for the smallest patients.

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Used Drager Babylog 8000 Neonatal Ventilator




- Ventilation in harmony with the baby: sensitive, accurate synchronization and continuous adaptation features work together to provide the necessary ventilator support, allow optimal levels of spontaneous breathing, facilitate the weaning process and protect the baby from adverse effects such as volutrauma or atelectasis.

- Pressure support ventilation – the standard for neonates: Drager pressure support ventilation (PSV) features automatic leak compensation and gives the infant more control over the breathing pattern by synchronizing inspiration and expiration. Continuous, automatic leak compensation maintains optimal inspiration times.

- Consistent volume guarantee: the Volume Guarantee (VG) feature combines the advantages of pressure and volume controlled ventilation. Here, a constant, preset tidal volume is maintained regardless of the strength of spontaneous breathing or changes in respiratory lung conditions. Volume Guarantee ensures sufficient ventilation while avoiding the risk of volutrauma.

- Easy operation, ergonomic design: highly user oriented, a high-visibility monitor displays your choice of numeric, graphic, real-time or trend data. The combination of user-adjustable monitoring functions and intelligent alarms facilitates workflow and lets the operator concentrate on caring for the baby.

- BabyFlow nasal CPAP: nasal CPAP system especially designed for the smallest patients. The unique mask design circumvents the pitfalls of the past and enables stable, atraumatic CPAP delivery.

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