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Establishment Groupings: A real headache for the management of medical devices

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Etablishment groupings, whether private or public, pose frequently the problem of managing old medical devices that we decided not to take, often because they have been replaced by new equipment during the move.

Establishments then have to find a way to get rid of all these equipment, either by trying to sell them or by putting them in WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Unfortunately, all this takes time and at a significant cost.


Alternup Medical has developed a service dedicated to this type of operation. Our team has a complete inventory of medical devices that are not relocated.

Our company offers a global buyout of all devices, taking care of all dismantling, logistics, storage and WEEE costs. The Institution is thus no longer responsible for the treatment of these old equipment and, moreover, recovers a financial capacity resulting from the sale of these devices.


A smart way to offer a second life to these medical equipment and optimize the costs of a move.


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