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AlternUp Medical Resumes Your Reformed Medical Equipment!

Our repurchase process is exclusively reserved for healthcare professional equipment !

We therefore do not take back private individuals' equipment including wheelchairs, shower accessories, etc...

Process for the recovery of your medical equipment

Our team of AlternUp Medical experts will visit your establishment and carry out a free inventory of all your devices.

Following this inventory, we propose three options: 

           - A global takeover offer for all your equipment
           - A deposit-sale offer with reversion for your establishment
           - An offer to replace your used equipment with new equipment*.

* of equivalent value

Nos points fort

Transform the value of your old reformed medical equipment into new equipment!

New After having evaluated the value of your medical equipment, Alternup Medical now offers you to replace your devices with new products of equivalent value, to choose from more than 6000 references in our professional catalogue!

A simple process

A direct profitability solution for your establishment!


-    Benefit from a quick procedure and immediate profitability: after visiting your establishment, we make you a global offer for all your medical devices

-    Ideal solution for people who want to sell their entire medical equipment stock as soon as possible

-    All costs are at our expense

-    We select the best offer to provide you with the best allocation for your medical devices.
An amount of reversion on the sales made is sent to you so that you can invoice our company.

-    Increase your profitability with your reformed systems:
Regularly, you receive a report on the devices remaining on deposit-sale in our storage facilities.


What are the benefits?

-     Free up your storage space: following the inventory, we recover all your devices at our expense. Our team will schedule a collection date with you.

-     Thanks to this system, you can optimize your storage while rationalizing your budget

-     Increase your investment capacity / the profitability of your devices

-     Ensure maximum value for your medical equipment

Alternup Medical offers you a

customised WEEE service for your Electrical Medical Devices



AlternUp Medical and its partners ensure the recycling and WEEE procedure of your used electrical devices.

++ By collaborating with AlternUp Medical, you participate actively in the improvement of the eco system

by promoting the recycling of industrial waste. ++

You carry the future in your arms, recycle your devices and give new life to your old equipment.




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