Coherent Novus Omni Ophthalmic Laser with Zeiss SL 130 Slit Lamp



Used Coherent Novus Omni Ophthalmic Laser with Zeiss SL 130 Slit Lamp

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Used Coherent Novus Omni Ophthalmic Laser with Zeiss SL 130 Slit Lamp

Features of the Coherent Novus Omni:

Laser tube: Super INNOVA-Cool-Ceramic/Copper-Tungsten design
Wavelength: Blue-green argon 488-514 nm; 1.0W argon 528 nm
Power at the fiber: 2.5 W of blue-green argon; 1.0 W of green argon only
Exposure time: 0.01 seconds to continuous
Auto repeat: 0.1 - 2.5 seconds between exposures per second maximum
Weight: 113kg / 250lbs.
Dimensions: 36 cm x 61 cm x 95 cm (WxDxH)
Cooling: Self-contained cooling. Internal cooling by liquid regulation (no external water connection required).
Aiming beam: HeNe; adjustable intensity up to a maximum of 1mW

Features of the Zeiss SL 130:

The ZEISS SL 130 is the instrument of choice for ophthalmic professionals who need a superior optical quality slit lamp and high precision engineering to perform the full range of eye care procedures.

A top-of-the-line instrument for all eye care services:
High quality optics
- Sharp, high-resolution images with a wealth of information.
- Large, illuminated field of view for white-to-white observation in the blink of an eye.
- Stereomicroscope with 5-level magnification for observation from overview to detail.
- Tilting prism head to reduce reflections during contact lens examinations
Ideal operation
- Excellent support for laser therapy (with the optional VISULINK® 532/U in combination with the ZEISS VISULAS® 532s) and contact lens examinations thanks to the symmetrically arranged, easy-to-handle slit projector controls.
- Highly precise and intuitive operation of the system for precise adjustments of the length, width and rotation of the slit image. 
- The ZEISS ACCENTO® ergo tube allows you to work in a comfortable position and avoids neck and back problems.
- Choice of parallel or convergent tube for personal working preferences.

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