GE Dash 3000 Vital Signs Monitor



Used GE Dash 3000 Vital Signs Monitor


Functions: SPO2, ECG, NIBP and Temp

Supplied with a ECG cable 3 leads. Others cables possible in option

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Used GE Dash 3000 Vital Signs Monitor


Functions: SPO2, ECG, NIBP and Temp

Supplied with a ECG cable 3 leads. Others cables possible in option


The GE Dash 3000 monitor is a portable monitoring system that is flexible and user friendly. The monitor weighs only 11.2 lbs, therefore allowing you to reliably move the patient throughout the facility with the monitor. It is compact and lightweight, which allows for easy handling. The monitor has been drop-tested approved to withstand demanding portable applications. 
The GE Dash 3000 vital signs monitor features a full 8.4” color screen, and resolution of 640 X 480 dpi, allowing the viewer easy visibility to the data on the screen. The monitor displays 10 parameters and 7 traces.
Another advantage of the GE Dash 3000 multiparameters monitor is the smart battery management system. The monitor can accommodate two use-accessible batteries that allow for a 4-5 hour run time and recharge in 2-4 hours. The batteries can be charged one at time without loss of function.
Display Screen:
- Size: 8.4 inches
- Type: Active-matrix color LCD
- Resolution: 640 x 480 dpi
- Number of Traces: 7
- Number of Seconds/Trace: 4.9 at 25 mm/sec
- Height: 10.25 in/26 cm
- Depth: 8 in/20 cm
- Width: 11 in/28 cm
- Weight: 11.2 lbs/5.2 kg
- Type: Exchangeable Lithium-Ion
- Max Number of Batteries: 2
- Voltage: 11.1 V (nominal)
- Capacity: ≥ 3.45 Ah (varies with manufacturers)
- Charge Time: Less than 4 hours each
- Run Time: 4 - 5 hours
- Battery Life: 500 cycles to 50% capacity

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