Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound



Used Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound 

Supplied with:  1 Sony UP-897MD graphic video printer, 1 UST-9115-5 convex probe and 1 UST-9118 transvaginal probe

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Used Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound 

The Alpha 10 is the flagship of the ProSound series of ultrasound systems, offering total versatility and superior image quality.
Improved image quality ensures more accurate and efficient diagnosis while increasing patient satisfaction. The Alpha 10 is the ideal choice for a large office or hospital imaging department.

It combines a 12-bit digital A/D beam converter, high-powered image processing channels and proprietary probe technology to take examinations to the next level. 

Sophisticated beam control provides high resolution and high penetration while minimizing image degradation, while user-oriented operability and ergonomics create the ideal environment for fast and accurate imaging and diagnostics.

The Alpha 10's Extended Harmonic Pure Beam Detection is a digital pure beam imaging platform that incorporates advanced acoustic technology that significantly improves the clarity of ultrasound beamforming and signal processing.

Supplied with: 

- 1 Sony UP-897MD graphic video printer

- 1 UST-9115-5 convex probe 

- 1 UST-9118 transvaginal probe

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