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Gynecological Chairs

Alternup Medical offers you a choice of gynaecological couches for healthcare institutions or gynaecological practices.

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Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)
Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)

FAMED LM-01.4 Delivery Bed

Price €7,534.00 HT

FAMED LM-01.4 Delivery Bed The delivery bed Famed LM-01.4 is a compact structure for patients in gynecology and obstetrics departments at every stage of delivery. With 3-section pallet (backrest, seat segment, slidable shank rest segment).

FAMED LM-01.5 Delivery Bed

Price €4,999.50 HT

FAMED LM-01.5 Delivery Bed The Famed LM-01.5 delivery bed is designed for patients in gynecology and obstetrics departments. A robust delivery bed, without electric control system, stable and easy to clean. With 3-section pallet (back rest, seat segment, slidable shank rest segment) Does not...

Famed FREYA Delivery Bed and Table

Price €11,069.60 HT

Famed Freya is a universal product that can function as both a hospital bed and a birthing bed. This is possible thanks to independent control systems (supervisor, wired remote control, indoor and outdoor control panels) and a wide range of available accessories. Changing the product...

Gynecology Bed with Trendelenburg

Price €795.00 HT

3 Section Gynecology bed with Trendelenburg- Structure made of epoxy painted oval steel tube- Three sections with independent control and Trendelenburg position- Padding made of high density polyurethane foam, fireproof Class 1 IM- Covering made of washable, plastic material (leatherette)...

Gynex Blue Gynaecological Armchair

Price €3,950.00 HT

Gynex Blue Gynaecological Armchair A chair offering a unique combination of functional, aesthetic and working characteristics. Thanks to its self-balancing seat and back-rest, GYNEX can be adjusted to any build for the greatest patient comfort. 

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