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Showing 1-23 of 23 item(s)
Showing 1-23 of 23 item(s)

Rex Stainless Steel Trolley

Price €990.00 HT

Rex Stainless Steel Trolley New Product, Warranty 1 year Complete stainless steel dressing trolley. Supplied with 3 shelves, waste bin, drawer, support for bottles, guard rails on the two bottom shelves, 4 wheels, Ø 100 mm (2 with brakes). Load 50 kg. Size: 79x50xh 120 cm (handle included)....

Anaesthetics Trolley

Price €1,536.00 HT

Anaesthetics Trolley Made of satined AISI 304 stainless steel, with 6 drawers (internal 26 x 37 x h 7 cm), a lockable vertical compartment and an open space. Top with 3.5 cm upstand. 4 revolving castors Ø 80 mm.

Combo Board Medicine Cabinet

Price €2,900.00 HT

Combo Board Medicine Cabinet With 24 medicine compartments one side and 6 ISO tray 1 shelf and 3 drawers other side. Specifications : - made in bilaminated board 20 mm thick- epoxy powder painted steel base frame with 4 adjustable feet Ø 50 mm.

Care Trolley

Price €2,450.00 HT

Care Trolley With 4 drawers, lateral container unit with 4 supply trays and dispenser with pole including 11 tilting bins.

Multifunction Care Trolley

Price €2,250.00 HT

Multifunctional cart for medical use with stainless steel structure, external plastic coating Equipped with bean bag, instrument tray and upper drawers. Supplied with 4 drawers, a side basket and an additional side table. Four rubber swivel castors Ø 125 mm

Emergency Trolley

Price €2,250.00 HT

Professional cart with painted steel structure and external plastic finish Equipped with 4 drawers, side basket, additional side table, serum stand, support for defibrillator (plexiglass tray), support for oxygen bottle up to 5 liters (rear), 4 antistatic rubber wheels.

Emergency Trolley

Price €2,600.00 HT

Emergency Trolley With defibrillator/monitor rotating tray, I.V pole, back with oxygen tank compartment... Comes with a rotating defibrillator/monitor stand and a height-adjustable serum pole with 2 hooks.

Medication Trolley

Price €3,100.00 HT

Medication Trolley for hospitals. A portable pharmacy, to manage the daily or weekly treatment of patients, with 15/20/30 drawers with 3 compartments for easy storage of drugs (45-60-90 spaces). Structure in painted steel, panels and surface in technopolymer. Possibility to close it completely...

Stainless Steel Trolley 2 Shelves

Price €645.00 HT

Stainless steel nursing cart With 2 shelves of 70 x 50 cm, 1 drawer (40 x 50 x h 15 cm), bowl holder and bowl. 4 swivel castors Ø 100 mm.

Stainless Steel Instrument Table

Price €1,100.00 HT

Stainless Steel Instrument Table for operating room with tubular aluminum structure, with 2 trays of 120 x 65/64 cm in stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish. Swivel castors of Ø 80 mm.

Stainless Medical Storage Cabinet

Price €3,265.00 HT

Stainless Medical Storage Cabinet 304 with two lockable doors in tempered glass 5 mm thick, 4 shelves in tempered glass 6 mm thick and 4 adjustable feet

Stainless Anesthesia Trolley

Price €1,536.00 HT

Stainless Anesthesia Trolley - made of stainless steel 304 satin finish - 6 drawers (interior 26 x 37 x h 7 cm) - lockable vertical compartment and open space - top with 3,5 cm rim - 4 swivel casters of 80 mm Ø

Inox Cabinet

Price €3,624.00 HT

Medical inox Cabinet With two lockable doors and 4 adjustable shelves.

Transport Trolley

Price €2,685.00 HT

Transport Trolley Trolley for transporting medications with trays and baskets "ISO".

X-Ray Film Holder Trolley

Price €2,080.00 HT

X-Ray Film Holder Trolley This trolley has 32 extractable compartments, a wide top surface, 4 side document holders, and a sliding out writing surface. 

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