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  • Used ALM Transferis TAB 996 Operating TableElectrical translation Accessories: remote control, headrest, armrest and legrest.

  • The operating table AGA OP-POWER-MAT have been designed for various fields of applications and types of examinations, and they are equipped with different components accordingly such as: the choice of frame or the gynecological version.   The hydraulic height adjustment on the AGA OP-POWER-MAT is done with a centrally located foot pump.  ...

  • The AGA-JUS Operating table is a mobile multi-purpose operation table for universal use in hospitals (general surgery, specialized fields) and the out-patient departments. The AGA-JUS offers optimal and safe patient positioning with its radiolucent universal tabletop in five sections. Stainless steel standard rails are...

  • During the development of the AGA-MULTI-MAT, the emphasis was placed on maximum electromotive adjustment options for optimal patient positioning and handling by the operator. This makes the AGA-MULTI-MAT multi-function tables well suited for use in a variety of medical fields.   MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

  • The table AGA-POWER-LIFT have been specially developped for use in the field of radiography. Since there is no longitudinal brace at the front of the leg frame, the use of a C-arm is easily possible.  MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

  • AGA POWER-MAT Multi-Function TableThe multi-functions table AGA-POWER-MAT stand out not only due to their functionality but also to their elegant anodized lifting column.This multi-functions table with electric height adjustment have been designed for various applications and types of examination. It's therefore available with several...

  • Operating Table Alphamaxx with Orthopedic Extension Model: 1133.12B1 Year:  2010Made in Germany

  • Used operating tables. In excellent conditions. SATURN System is an OR table system which can be used flexibly, efficiently and safely in the operating theatre. This high-performance solution is aimed at facilitating the work of the OR personnel and at ensuring the safety of the patients.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items