Accessories and Spare Parts for Medical Equipments

Accessories and Spare Parts

Alternup Medical offers a wide range of medical accessories and spare parts for all type of new and used medical equipments: cables ampoules, electrodes.

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Showing 1-51 of 87 item(s)
Showing 1-51 of 87 item(s)

ERBE Bipolar Footswitch 20188-013

Price €150.00 HT

ERBE Bipolar Footswitch 20188-013 for Electrosurgical Unit Single foot pedal explosion-proof with 5m connection cable, 7-pin plug, "bipolar" activation only Compatible with ERBE ICC 350 Electrosurgical Unit

Fujitsu MCP3130SS Optical Disc Drive

Price €100.00 HT

Fujitsu MCP3130SS Optical Disc Drive The optical disk drive can be directly connected to the system SCSI bus. Thedrive employs the same form factor as that for the 90mm(3.5-inch) 25.4-mmheight hard disk drive.

Datascope SE Gas Module

Price €500.00 HT

Datascope SE Gas Module The Gas Module SE adds state-of-the-art gas monitoring and analysis capabilities to the Datascope Passport 2, Spectrum, and Spectrum OR vital signs monitors. It provides identification and quantification of O2, CO2, N2O, and five anesthetic agents; Halothane, Isoflurane,...

Set of 2 Doppler Probes ATL D5CW et D2CW

Price €0.00 HT

Set of 2 Doppler Probes ATL D5CW et D2CW Applications: cardiac and vascular Compatible  for ATL HDI 1500/3000/3500/4000/5000 Probe D5CW: 5.0 MHz Probe D2CW: 2.0 MHz

Sutter 370130K Bipolar Cable

Price €0.00 HT

Sutter 370130K Bipolar Cable Bipolar HF cable 4.5 m, flat plug short, for instruments with European flat plug,  Generators: Erbe (except: ICC / VIO International), Storz, Wolf

Masimo LNOPNeo-L Adhesive SpO2 Sensor

Price €160.00 HT

Masimo LNOPNeo-L Adhesive SpO2 Sensor For neonatal and adult patients Through the foot or alternatively through the palm and back of the hand. Pack of 20

Mitek 737301 VAPR 3 Footswitch

Price €300.00 HT

Mitek 737301 VAPR 3 Footswitch for electrosurgical unit.  The Vapr 3 Footswitch connects to the Vapr Radiofrequency Generator

RS Pro 327-2715 Double Footswitch

Price €0.00 HT

Footswitch with Momentary actuation, Bipolar with one direction (2NO) 3 A 250V IPX7 RS Pro footswitch perfect for a number of applications. The compact switch is designed to provide better user comfort

Philips M1006B NIPB Module

Price €50.00 HT

Philips M1006B NIPB Module  Non-invasive blood pressure module with analog pressure output. Designed for use with adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

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