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New and Used Medical Equipment for Veterinary : examination table, medical sterilizer, ultrasound scanner,...

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Showing 1-19 of 19 item(s)

Veterinary Examination Table

Price €680.00 HT

Veterinary operating table with enamelled tubular steel frame, with AISI 304 15/10 stainless steel top with hole and a liquid tray holder underneath. Lateral hook to immobilize animals

Storz Tricam SL 2 Endoscopy System

Price €4,500.00 HT

Storz Tricam SL 2 Endoscopy System  Composed of: 1 Storz D-Light C light source with foot switch, 1 Storz Tricam SL II Video processor with Tricam P PDD camera head  

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Microscope

Price €8,000.00 HT

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope Supplied with: 2binoculars 10x - Focal length f=175mm, 1 footswitch, 1 Sony 3 CCD colour video camera and 1 camera adaptor CMA-2DmD.

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S3 Surgical Microscope

Price €7,000.00 HT

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S3 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope Supplied with 2 binoculars 10x - Focal length f=175mm, a light source and 1 footswitch Electrically operated pedal microscope High-end optics with a large depth of field.

Olympus 180 Endoscopy Column

Price €6,500.00 HT

Olympus 180 Endoscopy Column Composed of: - EVIS EXERA II CV 180 processor - EVIS EXERA II CLV-180 light source - HD flat screen, Footswitch, Keyboard - Trolley Year of manufacture: 2008.

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Microscope

Price €8,000.00 HT

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Microscope Equipped with XY Module Supplied with: 1 Sony DXC-C33P camera control unit, 1 Footswitch (focus, zoom, XY settings), Ocular Assistant and Sony 3CCD camera

GE AMX4 Portable X-Ray Mobile

Price €3,000.00 HT

Used GE AMX4 Portable X-Ray Mobile.  The GE Amx 4 portable X-ray is designed for easy of operation. Since the AMX 4 Plus is battery operated, there is no need to plug in your mobile X-ray unit before taking exposures. This makes it easily adapted to operating, intensive care, and emergency room...

Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound

Price €1,500.00 HT

Used Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-805AT linear probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe and 1 footswitch.

Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound

Price €2,000.00 HT

Used Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-703AT linear probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe, 1 PSM-25AT cardiac probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 Sony UP-890CE Graphic Video Printer and 1 Footswitch The Toshiba PowerVision 6000 ultrasound system offers incredible...

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound

Price €3,000.00 HT

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound Supplied with: 1 PLT-1204BT linear probe, 1 Sony UP-D897 Digital Graphic Printer, 1 footswitch.

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound

Price €5,000.00 HT

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound  Supplied with:  1 Sony UP-897MD graphic video printer, 1 UST-9115-5 convex probe and 1 UST-9118 transvaginal probe

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ATL Apogée 800+ Ultrasound

Price €1,000.00 HT

ATL Apogee 800+ Ultrasound System The Apogee 800+ is a color Doppler system with variable frequency control and 96 channels. Supplied with: 1 linear probe 7-4L40, 1 convex probe 5-2 C40, 1 foot switch, 1 Mitsubishi CP700 graphic printer

GE Stenoscop II C-Arm

Price €4,000.00 HT

GE Stenoscop II C-Arm Year 1998 Supplied with: 1 column composed of 2 screens, 1 videoreprograph, 1 remote control and 1 footswitch

Alcon Infiniti Phacoemulsifier

Price €4,000.00 HT

Alcon Infiniti Phacoemulsifier Supplied with: Foot Switch and Remote Control Ref: 210-000-501 The Alcon Infinity Vision System is an ophthalmic surgical instrument designed to be reliable, safe and easy to use. Intended to be used for small incision cataract lens extraction and implant injection...

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