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Showing 1-23 of 23 item(s)
Showing 1-23 of 23 item(s)

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound

Price €5,000.00 HT

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound  Supplied with:  1 Sony UP-897MD graphic video printer, 1 UST-9115-5 convex probe and 1 UST-9118 transvaginal probe

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GE Logiq e Portable Ultrasound

Price €6,000.00 HT

GE Logiq e Portable Ultrasound Supplied with its cart and 1 GE 8L-RS linear probe Application: Rheumatology, gynecology, angiology, sports medicine, veterinary, anesthesia, emergency medicine.

Hitachi EUB-525 Odyssée Ultrasound

Price €1,500.00 HT

Hitachi EUB-525 Odyssey Ultrasound Supplied with: 1 EUP-C324T Convex probe (5MHz) and 1 EUP-V33 Transvaginal probe (6,5Mhz) and 1 Sony B&W printer Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Endorectal, Urology, Soft tissue, Neonatal head and Surgical scanning

Toshiba SSA-220A Ultrasound

Price €800.00 HT

Toshiba SSA-22A Ultrasound Supplied with: > 2 probes    - 1 PVG-601V endocavity probe (6 MHz)     - 1 PVG-366M convex probe (3.5 MHz)

Philips HD15 Ultrasound

Price €5,000.00 HT

Used Philips HD15 Ultrasound System. Supplied with: 1 L12-3 linear probe , 1 C6-3 convex probe, 1 C8-4v transvaginal probe, 1 S5-2 cardiac probe and 1 D2cwc pedoff probe 

Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound

Price €1,500.00 HT

Used Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-805AT linear probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe and 1 footswitch.

Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound

Price €2,000.00 HT

Used Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-703AT linear probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe, 1 PSM-25AT cardiac probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 Sony UP-890CE Graphic Video Printer and 1 Footswitch The Toshiba PowerVision 6000 ultrasound system offers incredible...

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound

Price €3,000.00 HT

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound Supplied with: 1 PLT-1204BT linear probe, 1 Sony UP-D897 Digital Graphic Printer, 1 footswitch.

ATL Apogée 800+ Ultrasound

Price €1,000.00 HT

ATL Apogee 800+ Ultrasound System The Apogee 800+ is a color Doppler system with variable frequency control and 96 channels. Supplied with: 1 linear probe 7-4L40, 1 convex probe 5-2 C40, 1 foot switch, 1 Mitsubishi CP700 graphic printer

Siemens Sonoline Elegra Ultrasound

Price €2,500.00 HT

Used Siemens Sonoline Elegra Ultrasound Supplied with : 1 Mitsubishi P66E printer, a 3.5C40H convex probe, a 5.0C50 convex probe, a 6.5EV13 endovaginal probe 

Toshiba SSA-770A Aplio 80 Ultrasound

Price €4,500.00 HT

Toshiba SSA-770A Aplio 80 Ultrasound Supplied with a PLT-805AT linear probe Device features the latest version of operating system, with all possible options unlocked. The Aplio 80 features next-generation tissue Doppler and contrast imaging technology based on Toshiba’s Intelligent Component...

Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound

Price €1,500.00 HT

Used Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound  Supplied with: 1 8L5 Linear Probe, 1 4C1 Convex probe, 1 Sony SVO-9500MDP VCR, 1 Sony UP-890MD graphics printer

GE Voluson 730 Expert Ultrasound

Price €4,000.00 HT

GE Voluson 730 Expert Ultrasound Supplied with 1 color screen, 1 AB2-7 convex probe , 1 RIC5-9W convex probe for 3D/4D imaging, 1 RAB4-8L transvaginal probe, 1 UP-897MD Sony vide graphic printer, 1 MDO-1000MD Sony DVD recorder.

GE Vivid 3 Cardiac Ultrasound

Price €8,000.00 HT

Used GE Vivid 3 Cardiac Ultrasound Supplied with a C358 convex probe, a 10L linear probe, a 3S cardiac probe, a C721 micro-convex probe, a pencil probe and a footswitch. The GE Vivid 3 ultrasound system is perhaps the most versatile piece of ultrasound equipment you can buy. With high speed and...

Samsung HS50 Ultrasound

Price €13,000.00 HT

Used Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Year 2017 - Supplied with a cardiac Phased Array PE2-4 probe New Hybrid technology, 21-inch Full HD LED anti-glare screen, Silent system, Management of embedded images, PISA automatic calculation, Aortic stenosis, Customizable measurement protocol

GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound

Price €17,000.00 HT

GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound The Voluson E8 Expert is an ultrasound scanner that is packed with innovations to give you better visualization, more reliable diagnosis, and to allow you to work more efficiently.

Philips iU22 Ultrasound

Price €9,000.00 HT

Philips iU22 Ultrasound - Year 2010 Supplied with 1 C5-1 convex probe, 1 L9-3 linear probe, 1 C8-4V transvaginal probe, 1 C8-5 microconvex probe and 1 footswitch

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