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Alternup Medical suggest you to discover the range of Imaging Medical Equipment specially designed for Veterinary : Ultrasounds, Operating Lamp... CE and FDA certified. 

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)
Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)

Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound

Price €1,500.00 HT

Used Toshiba Nemio SSA 550-A Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-805AT linear probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe and 1 footswitch.

Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound

Price €2,000.00 HT

Used Toshiba Powervision 6000 Ultrasound System Supplied with: 1 PLM-703AT linear probe, 1 PVM-651VT transvaginal probe, 1 PSM-25AT cardiac probe, 1 PVM-375AT convex probe, 1 Sony UP-890CE Graphic Video Printer and 1 Footswitch The Toshiba PowerVision 6000 ultrasound system offers incredible...

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound

Price €3,000.00 HT

Toshiba Xario SSA-660A Ultrasound Supplied with: 1 PLT-1204BT linear probe, 1 Sony UP-D897 Digital Graphic Printer, 1 footswitch.

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound

Price €5,000.00 HT

Aloka SSD-Alpha 10 Ultrasound  Supplied with:  1 Sony UP-897MD graphic video printer, 1 UST-9115-5 convex probe and 1 UST-9118 transvaginal probe

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ATL Apogée 800+ Ultrasound

Price €1,000.00 HT

ATL Apogee 800+ Ultrasound System The Apogee 800+ is a color Doppler system with variable frequency control and 96 channels. Supplied with: 1 linear probe 7-4L40, 1 convex probe 5-2 C40, 1 foot switch, 1 Mitsubishi CP700 graphic printer

GE AMX4 Portable X-Ray Mobile

Price €3,000.00 HT

Used GE AMX4 Portable X-Ray Mobile.  The GE Amx 4 portable X-ray is designed for easy of operation. Since the AMX 4 Plus is battery operated, there is no need to plug in your mobile X-ray unit before taking exposures. This makes it easily adapted to operating, intensive care, and emergency room...

GE Stenoscop II C-Arm

Price €4,000.00 HT

GE Stenoscop II C-Arm Year 1998 Supplied with: 1 column composed of 2 screens, 1 videoreprograph, 1 remote control and 1 footswitch

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