Alternup Medical suggest a full range of Oxymeters for pulse rate monitoring and optimal care of the patient.

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Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)
Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)

Mindray PM-60 Pulse Oxymeter

Price €390.00 HT

Mindray PM-60 Pulse Oxymeter PM-60 is a miniature, lightweight device capable of spot-check and continuous monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate. Supplied with adult reusable sensor. - suitable for adult and pediatric patients - high resolution 2.4" colour LCD display - adjustable visual and audible...

Oxy-200 Pulse Oximeter with monitor and battery

Price €290.00 HT

Oxy-200 Pulse Oximeter with monitor and battery New Product, Warranty 1 year Supplied with Finger adult probe, battery and software for PC download. Pediatric probe available on request Portable oximeter displays SpO2, PR, bar graph, PI, pulse waveform and battery power. Multiuser data storage...

PC-900B Capnograph and Oximeter

Price €2,350.00 HT

PC-900B Capnograph and Oximeter Innovative and handheld capnograph and oximeter ideal for monitoring the most severe conditions of intubated or not intubated patients. It provides reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements thanks to its unique MoveOxy™ technology specially conceived for SpO2....

OXY-110 Pulse Oxymeter

Price €320.00 HT

OXY-110 Pulse Oxymeter for Neonates, Children and Adults New Product, Warranty 1 year - large 3.5 inch auto rotation TFT display for SpO2, PI, Plethysmogram, PR and temperature - patented MoveOxy™ SpO2 technology with artifact removal and anti-motion performance - various choice of SpO2 probes...

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