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Discover our used Olympus endoscope range tested by our team of experts: light source, gastroscope, hsyteroscope, full column...

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Showing 1-44 of 44 item(s)
Showing 1-44 of 44 item(s)

Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope

Price €2,000.00 HT

Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope The EVIS EXERA II GIF-Q180 gastrovideoscope combines high-quality imaging with a slim design. With an insertion tube that is a mere 8.8 mm, it is ideal for a wide range of applications in the upper gastrointestinal tract, from observation to treatment.

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Olympus PCF-Q180AI Colonoscope

Price €1,800.00 HT

Olympus PCF-Q180AI Colonoscope For improved handling, innoflex™ Variable Stiffness technology enables adjustment of the insertion tube flexibility, and a generous 3.7 mm diameter channel (12.8 mm diameter insertion tube) accommodates a wide range of endoscopic devices;

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Wassenburg Adaptascope WD440 Washer-Disinfector

Price €1,000.00 HT

Wassenburg Adaptascope WD440 Washer-Disinfector  Designed for the controlled cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other heat-sensitive medical devices. The easy-to-use WASSENBURG® WD440 PT offers you the highest levels of control and safety through an optimized workflow.

Olympus CYF-5 Cystoscope

Price €2,500.00 HT

Olympus CYF-5 Flexible Cystoscope The Olympus CYF-5 flexible cysto-nephro fiberscope offers high-quality fiber optics in a patient-friendly design. The CYF-5 is both portable and reliable and features the EvolutionTip tapered tip design, a variable stiffness shaft, optimal deflection and a large...

Olympus GIF Type V2 Endoscope

Price €3,000.00 HT

Olympus GIF Type V2 Endoscope  The Olympus GIF-V2 is a video gastroscope used for gastrointestinal endoscopy applications in hospitals and clinics.  It offers outstanding image quality and features a narrow insertion tube and instrument channel, a wide field of view and an ergonomic handle.

Olympus BF type PE2 Bronchoscope

Price €2,000.00 HT

Olympus BF type PE2 Bronchoscope. For Pulmonology  With a thin insertion tube, the BF-PE2 is a robust diagnostic bronchofibrescope.   

Olympus 180 Endoscopy Column

Price €6,500.00 HT

Olympus 180 Endoscopy Column Composed of: - EVIS EXERA II CV 180 processor - EVIS EXERA II CLV-180 light source - HD flat screen, Footswitch, Keyboard - Trolley Year of manufacture: 2008.

Olympus OTV S7 CLV S40 Endoscopy Column

Price €4,500.00 HT

Olympus OTV S7 CLV S40 Endoscopy Column Composed of: - 1 Olympus OTV-S7 video processor - 1 Olympus CLV-S40 light source - 1 Olympus OTV-S7 camera head with Olympus MH-999Q camera adapter

Olympus CV-160 Endoscopy Column

Price €3,500.00 HT

Complete Olympus CV-160 Endoscopy Column  Supplied with 1 Video Processor, 1 Light source, 1 Pigtail, 1 Trolley and 1 Video Cable  

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