Alternup Medical suggest you complete range of Electrocardiograph : ECG 3/6/2 leads, Carrying ECG...

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)
Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)

GE MAC 1600 Electrocardiograph

Price €1,200.00 HT

GE MAC 1600 Electrocardiograph The ECG has been tested and is functional, battery ok, supplied with 10-core ECG cables, trolley and cable support arm included. User manual in English on CD included. One key has been glued back on the keyboard but it works fine The GE MAC 1600 is a high-tech,...

Lot of GE Apex Pro T4 Telemetry Receivers with 2 Central Servers

Price €900.00 HT

Lot of GE Apex Pro T4 Telemetry Receivers with 2 Central Servers Non tested The ApexPro telemetry receiver is a new space-saving design and can be conveniently mounted to a standard network equipment rack or shelf. Configuration allows up to four quad receiver modules, for a total of 16...

Mindray Beneheart R3 ECG

Price €1,290.00 HT

Mindray Beneheart R3 ECG Lightweight portable cardiograph for resting ECG diagnosis • Reliable analysis - Glasgow algorithm • Great Portability - only 1.2 kg • 5” clear colour display • Convenient operations • Unique recorder - Z-folded or rolling paper

GE MAC 1200ST Electrocardiograph

Price €500.00 HT

GE MAC 1200ST Electrocardiograph The ECG MAC 1200 ST is a 3-6 channel resting electrocardiograph suitable for both office and visiting use (4 hours battery life or 50 ECGs). The device is equipped with the following operating modes: Automatic: acquisition of 12 ECG leads for a period of 10...

Philips M1771A ECG on trolley

Price €250.00 HT

Philips M1771A Electrocardiograph on trolley Supplied with 10 leads ECG cable The HP Page Writer 200 electrocardiograph contains adult and pediatric analysis programs and allows continuous recording of up to 12 channels. The analysis programs are suitable for medical facilities and hospitals of...

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