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Discover our offer of Emergency and Transport Ventilators for quick and  optimal care of the patient, pediatric and adult mode...

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Showing 1-7 of 7 item(s)
Showing 1-7 of 7 item(s)

Taema Osiris 1 Emergency Ventilator

Price €400.00 HT

With the Taema Osiris 1 ventilator, emergency professionals have access to several features, including monitoring of the patient's actual respiratory rate. Powers up. Supplied with O2 connecting hose, Patient tubing and face mask, rebreathing bag with filter. with carrying bag

Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator 5L

Price €1,150.00 HT

Oxygen Concentratior 5L with nebulizer function Bionic and streamlined fashion design, which won the national outlook top award-Red Star Award. Low noise achieved by using advanced round airway and multi-level noise decreasing design. Large LCD screen for clearer figures. Cumulative time metering...

Taema Osiris 3 Emergency Ventilator

Price €1,500.00 HT

Used Taema Osiris 3 Taema Emergency Ventilator.   The Osiris 3 Respirator measures the respiratory rate of the patient Supplied with an AC adapter.

Smart 5L Oxygen Concentrator

Price €1,100.00 HT

Smart Oxygen Concentrator 5 l Medical grade, ultra quiet, small oxygen concentrators for home use. Provide high concentration of oxygen through nasal cannula. Work continuously. Class II, Type BF. Supplied with filter and humidifier bottle.

Spencer Kompak 170 Reanimation Ventilator

Price €4,600.00 HT

Spencer Kompak 170 NXT Reanimation Respirator Kompak respirator with transport case. The case contains the 170 NXT respirator and the oxygen cylinder with pressure regulator, ready for use. Electronic lung ventilators for non-invasive ventilation.

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