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Showing 1-43 of 43 item(s)
Showing 1-43 of 43 item(s)

Infant Bassinet

Price €1,150.00 HT

Infant Bassinet Suitable for newborns and babies aged 0-5 months or less than 70cm in length. The structure is stable and reliable. Even it is tilted to the maximum angle of 12, stable structure protects bassinet bed from falling. The bassinet bed is made of ABS Eco-friendly material, waterproof...

Famed NANO Hospital and ICU Bed

Price €8,500.00 HT

Famed NANO Hospital and Intensive Care Units Bed Famed NANO is an advanced hospital bed which is ideal for intensive care units and recovery rooms of any hospital. The patient weight measurement system, pre-programmed positions available at the touch of a button, the Early Patient Mobilisation...

FAMED LE-13 ICU Hospital Bed

Price €12,000.00 HT

FAMED LE-13 Intensive Care Units Bed  Famed LE-13 is a bed intended for intensive care units (ICU). The bed is based on three stable columns. It is durable, painted using antibacterial varnished paint and equipped with radiolucent segments. The applied columnar base allows for the use of C-arm...

Rex Stainless Steel Trolley

Price €990.00 HT

Rex Stainless Steel Trolley New Product, Warranty 1 year Complete stainless steel dressing trolley. Supplied with 3 shelves, waste bin, drawer, support for bottles, guard rails on the two bottom shelves, 4 wheels, Ø 100 mm (2 with brakes). Load 50 kg. Size: 79x50xh 120 cm (handle included)....

Pediatric Wheelchair

Price €420.00 HT

Pediatric Wheelchair - 35 cm seat New Product, Warranti 1 year Features:  black tissue single cross bar padded flip-up armrest fixed footrest, flip-up foot plate with leg strap 15 cm (6") solid front castors 56 cm (22") pneumatic rear wheels locking brakes on rear wheels folding back large...

Gynecology Bed with Trendelenburg

Price €1,050.00 HT

3 Section Gynecology bed with Trendelenburg- Structure made of epoxy painted oval steel tube- Three sections with independent control and Trendelenburg position- Padding made of high density polyurethane foam, fireproof Class 1 IM- Covering made of washable, plastic material (leatherette)...

Exam Chair

Price €50.00 HT

The cushions are in good condition. The backrest reclining mechanism is not working, one part is missing

Inmoclinc 12.120 Neonatal Crib

Price €573.52 HT

Inmoclinc 12.120 Neonatal Crib Neonatal Crib, aluminum and epoxy coated steel, removable and anatomic laminated plastic basket, trendelenburg/inverted gas spring, foam mattress, push handle.

Inmoclinc 12.115 Neonatal Crib

Price €676.70 HT

Inmoclinc 12.115 Neonatal Crib Neonatal Crib, aluminum and epoxy coated steel, removable and anatomic laminated plastic basket, trendelenburg/reverse gas spring, foam mattress, lower basket, push handle.

Height Adjustable Stretcher with TR and RTR

Price €2,310.00 HT

Height adjustable stretcher with Trendelenburg (TR) and Reverse Trendelenburg (RTR). Robust, comfortable and innovative stretcher for easy use by operators. Adjustable in height thanks to a hydraulic pump with pedals on both sides.

Professional Patient Stretcher - Adjustable Head Section

Price €1,065.00 HT

Professional Patient Stretcher - Adjustable Head Section Innovative, elegant, comfortable and easy to use stretcher. Welded in steel tubes for optimal stability, with adjustable headrest, side rails and oxygen bottle holder.Equipped with 4 wheels Ø 200 mm (2 with brakes), bumper, handle for pushing.

Automatic Loading Stretcher Trolley

Price €1,350.00 HT

Automatic stretcher to load and unload patients from emergency vehicles, can be moved by only one person. Mattress, belts, side rails and fixing devices are included.

Anaesthetics Trolley

Price €1,536.00 HT

Anaesthetics Trolley Made of satined AISI 304 stainless steel, with 6 drawers (internal 26 x 37 x h 7 cm), a lockable vertical compartment and an open space. Top with 3.5 cm upstand. 4 revolving castors Ø 80 mm.

Combo Board Medicine Cabinet

Price €2,900.00 HT

Combo Board Medicine Cabinet With 24 medicine compartments one side and 6 ISO tray 1 shelf and 3 drawers other side. Specifications : - made in bilaminated board 20 mm thick- epoxy powder painted steel base frame with 4 adjustable feet Ø 50 mm.

Care Trolley

Price €2,450.00 HT

Care Trolley With 4 drawers, lateral container unit with 4 supply trays and dispenser with pole including 11 tilting bins.

Multifunction Care Trolley

Price €2,250.00 HT

Multifunctional cart for medical use with stainless steel structure, external plastic coating Equipped with bean bag, instrument tray and upper drawers. Supplied with 4 drawers, a side basket and an additional side table. Four rubber swivel castors Ø 125 mm

Emergency Trolley

Price €2,250.00 HT

Professional cart with painted steel structure and external plastic finish Equipped with 4 drawers, side basket, additional side table, serum stand, support for defibrillator (plexiglass tray), support for oxygen bottle up to 5 liters (rear), 4 antistatic rubber wheels.

Emergency Trolley

Price €2,600.00 HT

Emergency Trolley With defibrillator/monitor rotating tray, I.V pole, back with oxygen tank compartment... Comes with a rotating defibrillator/monitor stand and a height-adjustable serum pole with 2 hooks.

Medication Trolley

Price €3,100.00 HT

Medication Trolley for hospitals. A portable pharmacy, to manage the daily or weekly treatment of patients, with 15/20/30 drawers with 3 compartments for easy storage of drugs (45-60-90 spaces). Structure in painted steel, panels and surface in technopolymer. Possibility to close it completely...

Stainless Steel Trolley 2 Shelves

Price €645.00 HT

Stainless steel nursing cart With 2 shelves of 70 x 50 cm, 1 drawer (40 x 50 x h 15 cm), bowl holder and bowl. 4 swivel castors Ø 100 mm.

Stainless Steel Instrument Table

Price €1,100.00 HT

Stainless Steel Instrument Table for operating room with tubular aluminum structure, with 2 trays of 120 x 65/64 cm in stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish. Swivel castors of Ø 80 mm.

Stainless Medical Storage Cabinet

Price €3,265.00 HT

Stainless Medical Storage Cabinet 304 with two lockable doors in tempered glass 5 mm thick, 4 shelves in tempered glass 6 mm thick and 4 adjustable feet

Stainless Anesthesia Trolley

Price €1,536.00 HT

Stainless Anesthesia Trolley - made of stainless steel 304 satin finish - 6 drawers (interior 26 x 37 x h 7 cm) - lockable vertical compartment and open space - top with 3,5 cm rim - 4 swivel casters of 80 mm Ø

Inox Cabinet

Price €3,624.00 HT

Medical inox Cabinet With two lockable doors and 4 adjustable shelves.

Transport Trolley

Price €2,685.00 HT

Transport Trolley Trolley for transporting medications with trays and baskets "ISO".

X-Ray Film Holder Trolley

Price €2,080.00 HT

X-Ray Film Holder Trolley This trolley has 32 extractable compartments, a wide top surface, 4 side document holders, and a sliding out writing surface. 

Gynex Blue Gynaecological Armchair

Price €4,650.00 HT

Gynex Blue Gynaecological Armchair A chair offering a unique combination of functional, aesthetic and working characteristics. Thanks to its self-balancing seat and back-rest, GYNEX can be adjusted to any build for the greatest patient comfort. 

White Podology Mechanical Armchair

Price €860.00 HT

White Podology Mechanical Armchair This podology armchair can move up and down and rotate. Backrest and footrests are adjustable. Heavy round base provides maximum stability.

Manual Height-Adjustable Hospital Bed on castors

Price €1,150.00 HT

Manual Height-Adjustable Hospital Bed on castors 4 JOINTS PATIENT BED - 3 cranks - variable height - castors Manual patient beds with 3 or 4 joints adjustable by means of 3 cranks. PP head and foot board equipped with bumpers wheel Ø 65 mm, preventing collision. PP bed platform, divided in 4 or...

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