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Showing 1-10 of 10 item(s)

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Microscope

Price €8,000.00 HT

Zeiss OPMI MDO XY S5 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope Supplied with: 2binoculars 10x - Focal length f=175mm, 1 footswitch, 1 Sony 3 CCD colour video camera and 1 camera adaptor CMA-2DmD.

Storz Tricam SL 2 Endoscopy System

Price €4,500.00 HT

Storz Tricam SL 2 Endoscopy System  Composed of: 1 Storz D-Light C light source with foot switch, 1 Storz Tricam SL II Video processor with Tricam P PDD camera head  

Durr Technik SICOLAB med Compressed Air Supply for Respirator

Price €3,100.00 HT

Durr Technik SICOLAB med Compressed Air Supply for Respirator As especially quiet oil-free compressor station for the medical compressed air supply, SICOLAB med supplies dry and clean air thanks to the integrated membrane dryer and a sub-microfilter of 0,3 µm.

GE Dash 4000 Vital Signs Monitor

Price €1,500.00 HT

GE Dash 4000 Vital Signs Monitor With a wide range of features, the Dash® 4000 monitor offers a complete, portable, bedside monitoring solution with its 10.4-inch screen.  Supplied with: ECG cable, NIBP cuff, TEMP cable and SPO2 sensor

GE MAC 1200ST Electrocardiograph

Price €800.00 HT

GE MAC 1200ST Electrocardiograph on trolley Supplied with: ECG cables on trolley The MAC 1200 ST ECG is a 3-6 channel resting electrocardiograph suitable for both office and visiting use (4 hours battery life or 50 ECGs).

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