Alternup Medical Recycle Your Medical Devices


Nowadays, intensive abuse use of waste in environment, contribute to deteriorate our environment. This change has an impact on the society, human health, economy, living species, food production, tourism and ecology.

20 billion waste dumped into oceans

A 2700 km long plate in the open ocean, also called "6th continent"

That's why we can't decrease the diposal of waste as long as resources are not exploited in an intelligent way and prevent unnecessary waste.



Aware of the ecological issues, we wanted to implement values dear to us.

Firstly, Alternup Medical aims to give a second life to the products by reconditioning them. Medical devices are put back on sale. In the mean time, we have signed an agreement with Recylum for recycling of the devices that are no longer compliant with medical standards.

The alliance with Recylum is important for Alternup Medical which, today, contributes to sustainable development.


Further to our recent partnerchip with Recylum, we are committed to participate actively in recycling. First of all, during the WEEE disposal of the devices, we receive a selective collection certificate. Following this, a traceability system allows us to follow the product path and the correct execution of recycling on the Recylum extranet (history of pick-ups, date and place of treatment...).


RECYLUM is a non-profit company created in 2005. It collects and recycles lamps as well as professional electrical and electronic equipment equipment (WEEE PRO) since 2012.

Its role with companies:

- INFORMATION to professionals on the interest of recycling their equipment

- REMOVAL of used equipment directly from companies

- TREATMENT of WEEE (recycling, recovery or destruction)