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Fresenius Vial Pilote A2 Syringe Pump



Used syringe pump. In good conditions.

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The Pilot A2 is a syringe pump for infusion of intravenous agents for low and accurate flow. The wide choice of syringes, using symbols universally known for controls, display synoptic alarms. 

The Pilot A2, a very simple device to use. Adjustable occlusion detection, detecting proper positioning and the full protection of the syringe guarantee a level of security optimum.

Its technical characteristics, the range of flow rates from 0.1 to 400 ml / hr (set at 200 ml / h) and excellent accuracy (± 1% on camera), make Pilot A2 ideal for medical services.
Features and benefits:

- Fast and intuitive programming

- Taking immediate hand

- Readability facilitated through the use depictogrammes

- Wide range of sizes and brands of syringes

- Wide range of configurable rates

Preset memory of drug names

- Storing parameters for the drip

- Important autonomy battery, hours and minutes available to the keyboard

- Management of perfusion pressure (3 preset level)

- Bi-directional communication RS232 (optional)
Technical sheet :
Mains and battery.
Beaches rates: 0.1 to 400 ml / h (200 ml / h default), increment of 0.1 ml / h, adjustable flow range.
Syringe selection: 12 types of syringe 50/60 ml and 20 ml, Luer Lock; 10 ml optional.,
automatic recognition of the volume of the syringe.
Accuracy rates on issued: Device accuracy ± 1% /, accuracy of ± 2% syringes.
bolus flow: selectable from 50 to 500 ml / hr with the bolus volume infused display,
purge flow: 500 ml / hr.
Stopping the infusion: stop 1 minute.
Programmable timeout: 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes.

Alarms and Safety: direct reading, simultaneous processing of multiple messages:

- Full protection of the syringe: detection fins syringe, maintaining
syringe piston head and siphon system, mechanical clutch.

- Control of the infusion: pre-alarm, alarm and end of infusion, occlusion alarm;
alarm invalidation, alarm end of pause, alarm and pre-alarm limit volume.

- Device control: Power disconnection alarm, alarm and pre-alarm battery discharge,
display battery life, preventive maintenance; internal malfunction (self-test, rotation
engine), error messages.
Occlusion alarm threshold: 3 preset levels: 300/525/900 mmHg.
Anti-bolus system bolus volume reduction following occlusion.
Volume Limit: 1 to 99.9 ml, 0.1 ml increments; 100 to 999 ml increment of 1 ml.
Reminder infused volume: 0.1 to 999.9 ml.
KVO flow: open vein maintenance rate: 1 ml / h, or if the selected rate is
less than 1 ml / hr.

Available configurations: name of the drug (15 programmable names); detection syringe fins;
infusion rate memory; syringe type selection; maximum speed selectable by keyboard;
bolus rate memorizing; selectable syringes; mandatory purge; KVO rate; empty syringe mode;
periodicity preventive disconnection sector maintenance.
Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz, 6 V battery 1.1 / 1.3 Ah lead to gel;. Autonomy: 7 h
minimum 5 ml / hr., 12-15 V dc External power 15 W.
Dimensions / Weight: 12 x H = L = 33 x D = 15.5 cm / 2.2 kg.


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