Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport
Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport
Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport

Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport

New product

The Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport is a column cart for transporting patients between rooms in hospitals and clinics. Its stable construction allows it to be used as a simple treatment table. It is equipped with The robust construction of the X-ray transparent HPL boards helps to improve the efficiency of the resuscitation.

The cart can be equipped with a two- or four-segment lying surface and barriers made of lacquered or chrome-plated steel or chrome-plated steel barriers.

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Main Features of Famed WP-09 Trolley for Patient Transport

Height adjustment: Height adjustment is executed by means of hydraulic actuators controlled using foot lever

Backrest adjustment: The angle of inclination is controlled through the release of locking lever and setting the segment in the desired position. The movement is assisted by gas actuator operation.

Trendelenburh / Reverse-Trendelenburg: Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg position is achieved with the foot controller, which operates the hydraulic actuator.

Thigh Segment Adjustment: This position is adjusted using gas springs with a lock.

Shin Segment Adjustment: Shin segment adjustment in a four-segment pallet using a ratchet mechanism.

Wheel Locking: Wheel locking is available on each side of the trolley, which enables immediate personnel reaction to any dangerous situations.

Cooperation with X-Ray machines

Compatible with C-Arm: it is possible to monitor patient with X-ray C-arm

The trolley plate is penetrable for X-rays: The pallet segments are infilled with X-ray penetrable laminated plate. Despite these characteristics, it does not lose its stiffness.

Tunnels for X-ray cassette: WW-24.0 movable tray for X-ray cassette mounted on slides under the pallet enables taking X-ray images along the entire pallet.

Instant handrail folding: The side handrails may be folded within less than 2 seconds, which accelerates resuscitation.

OPTIONS (not included in price): 

  • Side rails varnished (1pair) 
  • Side rails chromium plated (1pair)
  • Drip bottle holder/chromium plated hooks
  • Shelf for monitor 
  • Plastic hook for fluid (1pce) 
  • Set of mattresses for trolleys WP-09, thickness 10cm


Specific References

New product

• The stretcher pallet is X-ray translucent. Tray for X-ray cassette WW-24.0

• The stretcher is made of steel sections covered with epoxy polyester powder paint in RAL 9002 color resistant to scratches and disinfectant agents • Back rest segment is adjusted with the use of gas springs with blockade

• Base of the stretcher is protected with ABS covers in RAL 9002 color. It is possible to place an oxygen bottle on the stretcher base

• The stretcher pallet consists of two segments with mattress and basket designed for storing the patient belongings. Bumpers fixed in corners of the pallet protect it against a damage Stretcher features

• Height adjustment of the pallet and Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg tilts are carried out with the use of hydraulic actuators adjusted by foot levers

• The WP-09 stretcher is equipped with four wheels with a central blockade. There is a possibility of fixing the fifth wheel. One of the wheels is a directional wheel and enables moving the stretcher forward

• Big diameter of wheels (200 mm) facilitates manoeuvring the stretcher

• Headboard is quickly removable without side rails

• Dimensions: length: 2100 mm, min height: 560 mm, max height: 890 mm

• Backrest segment inclination: 70

• Inclination of the thigh rest segment: 30

• Trendelenburg position: 15

• Reverse Trendelenburg position: 15

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