Taema Clarys 2000 Anesthesia Ventilator

Taema Clarys 2000 Anesthesia Ventilator

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Taema Clarys 2000 Anesthesia Ventilator

Applications: Adult – Child – Baby

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Taema Clarys 2000 Anesthesia Ventilator

Applications: Adult – Child – Baby

The CLARYS 2000 respirator has two modes of controlled ventilation - volume (VC) and pressure (PC), both of which are very efficient thanks to a high inspiratory flow rate.
At each stage of anaesthesia CLARYS 2000 ensures precise monitoring of ventilation with particularly safe spontaneous ventilation.
The CLARYS 2000 ventilator adapts to all situations, from new-born to adult.

Technical Specifications:

- Ventilation modes: Manual ventilation VM, Spontaneous ventilation VS, Volume controlled VC, Pressure controlled PC, Intermittent volume controlled VCI, Intermittent pressure controlled PCI

- Patient monitoring: Tidal volume Vt, Flow rate V, Respiratory frequency f, Peak pressure Pc, Average pressure Pm, Positive End of Expiratory Pressure PEEP, Inspiratory concentration in O2  FiO2

- Patient circuit:

  - Circuit: autoclavable monoblock (134°C/18 min)

  - Volume of soda lime canister:1.5 L

  - Compliance: automatic compensation


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