• AGA


    AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH specialises in the manufacture and distribution of high quality medical furniture for safe patient positioning; operating tables, examination couches and chairs, cardiography tables...

  • AGFA


    AGFA Healthcare is a medical equipment manufacturer specializing in imaging, radiography, and radiology film printers. From product development to implementation, their imaging software solutions are designed to reduce complexity and help healthcare providers achieve their clinical, operational and business strategies.

  • Agilent Technologies

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent Technologies, a world-renowned brand, manufactures and markets instruments for laboratory testing, measurement and analysis such as gas chromatography systems, mass spectrometry systems, etc.

  • Air Liquide

    Air Liquide

    AIR LIQUIDE is a French company and market leader in the distribution of gases for medical use as well as in the manufacture of medical suction devices, flow meters, humidifiers and medical furniture.

  • Alcon


    With more than 70 years of experience, Alcon is one of the world's leading ophthalmic medical device companies in the field of surgery and contactology

    The manufacturer offers a wide range of eye care products organized into two business lines: surgery and contactology/dry eye.

  • Aloka


    Specialized in Medical Imaging, the manufacturer Aloka develops and markets medical cameras, radiology equipment but mainly ultrasound scanners.

  • Analyticon


    ANALYTICON is a German manufacturer renowned for the quality of design and manufacture of their urinalysis and haematology diagnostic equipment.

  • Arthrex


    A major contributor to the field of orthopaedic surgery for more than 40 years, Arthrex produces and distributes medical devices in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

    The manufacturer has specialized in the field of arthroscopy

  • ATL Technology

    ATL Technology

    ATL Technology is a manufacturer specialized in Medical Imaging Devices such as Ultrasound scanners, ultrasound probes, but also electrosurgical unit, diagnostic and monitoring equipment.

  • Bausch & Lomb

    Bausch & Lomb

    Bausch & Lomb is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in ophthalmology in 3 divisions: contactology, pharmaceuticals (OTC and RX) and ophthalmic surgery.

    The manufacturer has 3 areas of expertise: cataract, retina and refractive surgery. New surgical techniques are at the heart of the company's spirit, hence the development of innovative products that meet the needs of surgeons to improve the quality of vision of patients.

  • Bayer


    BAYER is a leading company in the medical world and specialises in medical imaging and radiography, medical optics and ophthalmology, but also in medical devices for laboratory analysis

  • Bio-Rad


    For over 60 years, Bio-Rad has been advancing scientific research, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of innovative products and solutions for the life science research and medical diagnostic markets.

  • Biobase


    BIOBASE is a high-tech company specialized in the development, production, and management of scientific equipment, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments, and reagents.

    BIOBASE is also recognized for its global distribution and service network, ensuring reliable and efficient support to its clients around the world.

  • Canon


    Canon Medical is a company specialising in medical imaging: scanners, ultrasound scanners, MRIs, X-ray machines, etc.

  • Carestream


    Carestream is a specialist manufacturer of imaging equipment including X-ray units such as reprographic devices, CR and DR systems. Mammography DMs are also available.

  • Carina Medical

    Carina Medical

    CARINA Médical is a French company specialising in medical furniture, particularly examination furniture such as chairs, tables and couches.

  • Comen


    COMEN is a Chinese manufacturer specialising in diagnostic devices. Ranging from patient monitors, adults to newborns, to electrocardiographs, to respiratory devices. They also offer surgical instruments and syringe pumps.

  • Corbett Research

    Corbett Research

    Corbett Research LTD. Rotor-Gene is a manufacturer of medical devices including laboratory instruments, instrumentation systems and laboratory analysis systems, using technologies such as PCR analysis. 

  • Covidien


    Covidien is a part of Medtronic company. The subsidiary is specialized in endoscopy, oximetry, respiratory unit and monitoring such as brain monitoring or caponography monitoring.

  • Critikon


    Critikon Medical, now under the GE Healthcare brand, is a company specialising in patient monitoring. The brand has monitoring systems for newborns, children and adults.

  • Datascope


    Datascope Corporation. manufactures proprietary products for the clinical healthcare markets in Patient Monitoring, Interventional Cardiology and Radiology, Anesthesiology, Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

  • Datex-Ohmeda


    Datex-Ohmeda, a subsidiary of GE Healthcare, is a specialist manufacturer of anaesthesia and monitoring systems: ventilators, patient monitors, etc.

  • Dräger


    Drägeris a leading German manufacturer in the field of resuscitatioDräger Medical is a specialist manufacturer of respiratory equipment, protective equipment, gas detection and analysis systems, patient monitoring technologies and monitoring n and patient anesthesia.

  • Edan


    EDAN is a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition worldwide by providing innovative and high quality medical products and services. 

    EDAN's areas of expertise include ECG, Patient Monitoring, OB & GYN, Ultrasound and Veterinary

  • ERBE Medical

    ERBE Medical

    ERBE manufactures and markets surgical systems (electrosurgery, hydro-surgery, etc...) for professional use in various medical specialties such as general surgery, gastroenterology or gynecology.

  • Esaote


    ESAOTE is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of medical devices specifically for medical imaging. In particular ultrasound scanners for general, cardiovascular or gynaecological imaging, but also MRI systemsalian manufacturer specialized in medical imaging.

  • Ethicon


    Ethicon manufactures and is the world leader in sutures, particularly with its Vicryl and Monocryl sutures.

    The brand offers a selection of Ethicon sutures: from absorbable to non-absorbable sutures.

  • Famed


    Famed Żywiec is a European leader in the production of quality medical equipment. During more than 74 years of activity, they have supplied several thousands of high quality operating tables, beds, operating chairs and other equipment. Famed products are used by doctors in Poland and 100 countries all over the world, in the most demanding markets and under the most difficult conditions.

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for acute and chronic respiratory care, surgery and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. 

    The brand's medical devices and technologies help clinicians provide the best possible patient care. They allow patients to move to less acute care settings, recover more quickly and avoid more serious conditions. 

  • Fresenius Medical Care

    Fresenius Medical Care

    Fresenius Medical Care is a German company and one of the leading suppliers of medical devices and services for dialysis. The range of dialysis devices includes haemodialysis machines, dialysis machines and volumetric pumps.

  • Fujifilm


    Fujifilm is a manufacturer specialized in medical imaging such as medical endoscopy, ultrasound but also endosurgery, 3D clinical systems or In-Vitro diagnostic systems or any other diagnostic imaging.

  • GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare is a medical company established in more than 100 countries.

    The company manufactures and distributes imaging tools for medical diagnosis, as well as devices for patient monitoring, X-ray and ultrasound equipment.



    Graseby is a medical company, whose syringe pumps and accessories for infusion of medication are used by health care personnel in health care facilities. They are used in operating rooms, intensive care units and general wards.

  • Hamilton Medical

    Hamilton Medical

    HAMILTON MEDICAL is an internationally renowned HAMILTON MEDICAL is a manufacturer whose specialties are respiratory units ranging from intensive care for adults and children, to neonatal ventilation, including MRI roomsfor the technicality used in the manufacture of their ventilators.

  • Hewlett-Packard


    HP / Hewlett Packard Healthcare is a medical device manufacturer specializing in defibrillators, ECG monitors and ultrasound scanners.

  • Hitachi


    Hitachi is a manufacturer specializing in medical diagnostics. The brand provides everything from electron microscopes to advanced laboratory equipment, CT scanners, ultrasound platforms and particle therapy.

  • Inmoclinc


    Inmoclinc is a world-renowned Spanish manufacturer of clinical and hospital furniture.

    With a presence of more than 25 years in 50 countries, Inmoclinc offers a wide range of products from trolleys, to cribs for newborns, to anesthesia trolleys.

  • Instrumentation Laboratory

    Instrumentation Laboratory

    Instrumentation Laboratory founded in 1959, is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic instruments, related reagents and controls for use primarily in hospitals and independent clinical laboratories

  • Interacoustics


    INTERACOUSTICS is a leading US manufacturer of medical devices specialized in audiometry.

  • Karl Kaps

    Karl Kaps

    With 75 years of experience, the German manufacturer Karl Kaps has specialized in microscopes used in several specialties in medicine such as Gynecology with its colposcopes, Dental, ENT, Ophthalmology (surgical microscopes)

  • Karl Storz

    Karl Storz

    Karl Storz is a German company manufacturing medical equipment for endoscopy in human and veterinary medicine, but also has Medical Devices in the field of Surgery, Gynecology.

  • Kls Martin

    Kls Martin

    KLS MARTIN is an international manufacturer of precision medical equipment. From electrosurgery, to surgical instruments, to lasers to medical lighting.

  • Kodak


    KODAK is a company specialised in medical imaging, in which we find scanners, reprographers, but also radiography devices.

  • Leica


    Leica is a company specialising in the design of devices for medical optics such as operating microscopy or neurosurgery, ophthalmic imaging systems or Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) devices.

  • Maquet-Getinge


    GETINGE is one of the world's leading suppliers of medical devices. Specialising in operating tables, but also all medical devices for operating rooms such as operating lights and medical ventilators.

  • Medtronic


    Medtronic, a leading manufacturer of medical technology, is a global company specialising in defibrillators and medical pumps.

  • Mindray


    Mindray is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices based in China.

    Mindray designs and produces medical equipment and accessories for human and veterinary use. The company specializes in patient monitoring and life support, in vitro diagnostic products and medical imaging systems.

  • MIR


    MIR - Medical International Research is an Italian manufacturer specialising in the field of spirometry and oximetry. The company also develops monitoring software connected to its medical devices.

  • Mission®


    Mission is a brand of the ACON Group. Product lines include point of care, immunoassays, molecular diagnostics and animal health.

    These products are used in hospitals, clinical laboratories, medical practices, blood banks, pharmacies and veterinary clinics.

  • Mitsubishi


    Mitsubishi is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in Medical Devices in the components of medical equipment, but also in medical imaging devices and thermal printers and its consumables.

  • Nellcor


    NELLCOR is an American manufacturer specialized in monitoring, pulse oximeters, sensors for adults and children

  • Nihon Kohden

    Nihon Kohden

    NIHON KOHDEN is a Japanese manufacturer and one of the world's leading designers of medical devices. The brand is specialized in cardiology, neurology and monitoring.

  • Nonin


    NONIN is an American manufacturer specialized in the production of oximetry devices and the creation of monitoring devices for hospitals.

  • Olympus


    Olympus is a Japanese manufacturer and one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical and surgical endoscopes, video systems, pumps, and surgical and endotherapeutic treatments.

  • Pentax Medical

    Pentax Medical

    PENTAX Medical, a subsidiary of the Hoya Group, uses advanced optical technologies to provide endoscopic imaging solutions. The company has imaging devices, gastroenterology, pneumology and its major activity is endoscopy.

  • Philips Healthcare

    Philips Healthcare

    Philips Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of medical equipment, specialises in defibrillators, ultrasound scanners, electrocardiographs, MRI, radiology, and monitoring.

  • Puritan Bennett

    Puritan Bennett

    PURITAN BENNETT, a brand of Medtronic, is a medical company specialising in respiratory equipment, such as emergency ventilators, reanimation ventilators and spirometry equipment.

  • Richard Wolf

    Richard Wolf

    Richard Wolf GmbH offers a wide range of products and systems for endoscopy and extracorporeal shockwave treatment, covering most areas of human medicine.

  • Rimsa


    RIMSA is an Italian manufacturer specialising in the field of operating theatres, in particular operating room and operating medical lighting, but also medical accessories.

  • Samsung


    Samsung is a Korean manufacturer and one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical imaging equipment: ultrasound scanners, radiographs and scanners

  • Schiller


    SCHILLER is a Swiss manufacturer and one of the leading medical device companies in the world. The brand specialises in the manufacture of electrocardiographs, emergency care and monitoring equipment.

  • Sebia


    Sebia is a specialist manufacturer of sample analysis devices, laboratory equipment, such as electrophoresis systems.

  • Shin-Nippon


    Japanese manufacturer, Shin-Nippon is one of the world leaders in Medical Devices specialized in Ophthalmology. The brand offers refractometers, topographers, tonometers, specular microscopes, refractors, etc...

  • Siemens


    SIEMENS is a German manufacturer and one of the world leaders in medical equipment.
    SIEMENS Healthinners is a specialist manufacturer of Medical Imaging and Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment.

  • Smith & Nephew

    Smith & Nephew

    Smith & Nephew is a manufacturer of medical devices specializing in operating room equipment such as electrosurgical units and endoscopy with video processors and light sources. The brand specializes in Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Reconstruction and Otorhinolaryngology

  • Soluscope


    Soluscope designs, develops and manufactures the Complete Solution in Endoscope Reprocessing. By combining 25 years of expertise with a real knowledge of medical processes and standards, Soluscope has established itself as the one of the leaders for safe, efficient and reliable endoscope solutions for both patients and users.

  • Sony


    From initial consultation to post-operative care, Sony simplifies the operational efficiency of hospital workflows. As a specialist in medical imaging, the Japanese manufacturer is known for its imaging cameras, monitors, recorders, printers and IP Imaging Platform.

  • Spencer


    SPENCER is an Italian manufacturer specialising in operating theatre, emergency, resuscitation and diagnostic medical equipment.

  • Spengler


    SPENGLER is a French manufacturer renowned for the quality of its medical equipment: ENT, operating theatre, electrocardiographs, oximetry and medical furniture. The brand has been a specialist in blood pressure monitors for 110 years.

  • Steris


    STERIS is a leading global provider of products and services that support patient care with a focus on infection prevention. 

    STERIS offers Customers a unique mix of innovative capital equipment products, such as sterilizers and washers, surgical tables, lights and equipment management systems 

  • Stryker


    Stryker is an American medical equipment company founded in 1946. It produces pharmaceutical and medical equipment. The company specialises in surgical suction and batteries.

  • Synthes


    Synthes, founded in 1977, is a Swiss company active in medical technology. The company was acquired by Johnson & Johnson. The company produces and markets surgical instruments, bone prostheses and implants.

  • Taema


    Now known as Air Liquide Medical Systems, Taema is a medical manufacturer specialising in Respiratory Medical Devices in operating theatres such as emergency, anaesthesia and reanimation ventilators. 

  • Topcon Healthcare

    Topcon Healthcare

    Topcon Healthcare is a company specialized in ocular medicine offering Medical Devices in several specialties such as Surgery (Microscopes...), Imaging (frontofocometer, refractometer, tomograph, ..), Medical Furniture (tables..) but also software solutions

  • Toshiba


    Now known as Canon Medical, Toshiba Medical is a medical equipment company specialising in medical diagnostic imaging equipment. The company designs and manufactures CT scanners, MRI scanners and ultrasound scanners.

  • Valleylab


    Valleylab is a leading provider of electrosurgical units. Founded in 1967 as a distributor of medical products, Valleylab has focused on product development by designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced electrosurgical systems and accessories worldwide

  • Viasys Healthcare

    Viasys Healthcare

    VIASYS Healthcare, Inc. is a global market leader in healthcare technology. VIASYS offers Medical Devices in Respiratory Care, Neuro-Science and Surgical Care. The manufacturer markets its products to hospitals, laboratories, physicians, and equipment manufacturers in over 100 countries

  • VIMS


    VIMS is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of endoscopy. The brand offers equipment ranging from complete endoscopy columns including video processors, to arthroscopy devices and laparoscopes.

  • Wild Heerbrugg

    Wild Heerbrugg

    Wild Heerbrugg is a company specialised in the design of devices for medical optics such as optical instruments like microscopes.  

  • Zeiss


    Carl Zeiss is a company specialising in precision optics. The brand specialises in microscopy, surgical instruments and vision instruments.

  • Zoll


    ZOLL is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in the design and production of defibrillators, monitors, and ventilators

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